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The smooth management of the underlying technical processes and the efficient settlement of any possible problems as quickly as possible is a quite important factor in a facility, primarily in terms of safety and then functionality.

With our experienced team of engineers and specialized technical personnel operating under our Barva Teknik brand; we manage the operational and maintenance - repair processes of the electrical, mechanical and electronic low voltage systems of facilities; we contribute to the execution of your services as planned and ensure the creation of a safe, cost-effective and comfortable environment in your facilities, by implementing the necessary analyzes and applications through advanced technological equipment.

We offer periodic and comprehensive building maintenance services, which are vital in terms of the continuity and safety of facilities. We extend the aging periods of the systems by conducting protective and preventive maintenance in these areas, and reduce the downtimes that may occur during the operational process to the lowest levels. 

In the cases where quick solutions are required, we efficiently manage the intervention processes and ensure the uninterrupted continuity of the flow of services by quickly responding to the breakdowns with our mobile team that provides services on 24/7 basis. 



Central Heating and Cooling Systems, Chiller, Heating Boiler, Hot Water Tank, Circulation Pumps, HVAC Systems, VRF, Split Air Conditioner, Fancoil, Air Handling Unit, Periodic Maintenance of Devices, Troubleshooting, Conditioning and Cleaning of Pool Water, Mechanical Filtration, Chemical Dosing, Wiring, Installation of Products, Detection and Repair of Breakdowns, Energy Management, Calculation of Consumption in Central System, Meter Reading Service, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Controls


Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, Water Systems, Special Installations

Building Maintenance and Operational Services 

We operate the entire system and equipment with the lowest energy consumption and breakdown ratio as well as with the highest level of comfort and safety, make the necessary adjustments to achieve the determined optimum levels, respond to all breakdowns detected or reported by the facility employees within the indicated periods of time and solve all breakdowns as quickly as possible.

You can take a look at our references given below and if you wish, you can contact us immediately for more information about any subject related to facility technical services and facility management. By clicking the following button, you can visit the website of our Barva Teknik brand and get more information about our products and services that will make your facilities much safer, more efficient and cost-effective.



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