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Since 2008, we, as SE Club, have been assuming the end-to-end management processes of facilities of all sizes operating in various business lines, and we also offer services that reduce the operating costs to the optimum level, while increasing the brand value and working and living standards of facilities.

We manage the administrative processes of all types of enterprises, from housing estate projects to shopping centers, schools to hospitals, factories and residences, with our specialized staff, and offer integrated solutions suited to the needs and priorities of each enterprise. We provide solutions that ensure maximum performance while reducing operating costs with our specialized staff and smart digital technologies in the areas such as technical maintenance and repair works, security applications and detailed cleaning operations. In addition, we produce special software solutions in the field of facility management and add value to investments with our management consulting and real estate consulting services.

We adopt customer satisfaction and quality as the main focus of all our activities, and we always act in line with transparency and sustainable management principles. We implement all our facility management activities with technology and the means and opportunities offered by the digital age. With our comprehensive experience in the sector and specialized software staff, we develop tailor-made solutions and software to enable our customers to manage their business correctly and efficiently, thus launching new products to both domestic and global software markets.

Our Mission

To offer integrated solutions supported with innovative technologies to enable enterprises to conduct their core activities, achieve high performance with optimum costs and increase their brand values in the long term.

Our Vision

To become a leading company in the national and international markets with our customized solutions and superior service quality focused on advanced technology.



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