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Within the framework of our Securon Private Security and Consulting service, we provide a full range of professional services in accordance with the Law No 5188.

As part of our preparations, first of all, we conduct a comprehensive security survey. As a result of the survey, we identify the potential risks in the field, create a security risk analysis and prepare emergency scenarios.

We analyze the architectural structure and technical qualifications of the project in the most accurate way and thus, we ensure that the personnel in the right quantity and quality is employed. We conduct all our activities according to these security actions and workflow plan that we prepare specifically for each facility.

By integrating our physical security services with technological solutions, we offer an efficient, easy and fast service model for our customers.

Why should you procure services from a private security company?

Nowadays, it is observed that some companies, mass housing sites and factories are trying to provide private security services with their internal sources and within their own structures.

There are many disadvantages in terms of providing private security personnel by using internal means. To eliminate these disadvantages and to execute the job in a more professional way, it is essential that these companies and organizations should procure personnel from a private security company.


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