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To ensure maximum profit for investors in a long-term real estate investment; it is crucial to make the necessary research, analysis and assessment before making a decision. In fact, during the process of assessing a property, it is essential to take action by considering many details from legislation, market conditions to the existing risks.

As SE Club, we provide you with the most accurate professional support starting from the project development phase within the scope of real estate consulting, and share all our competencies and predictions with you to enable you to get the ideal investment conditions and the expected yields from your investments.

What is the Scope of our Real Estate Consulting Services? 

Within the scope of the consulting services that we offer to enable you to get the best yields from your real estate investments;

  • We conduct price determination and assessment studies for the sale and rental of real estates, thus ensuring that the properties find the most accurate value, i.e. the highest possible value.
  • We facilitate the sale and rental of properties and provide comprehensive support with the advertising and marketing activities conducted by us.
  • We follow up the relevant affairs/procedures with our specialized team who has excellent knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, and minimize the risks that may arise during the sales and rental operations.

You can take a look at our references below, and contact us at any time to get more information about our real estate consulting services and how we can make your investments more valuable.

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