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As SE Club Integrated Management Services, we provide all facility management services that you need under a single roof. With the comprehensive and customized services provided by us, we enable our business partners to easily focus on their core business and increase their work efficiency.

Our top priority is to ensure that your facilities reach the periodically-determined targets with the most accurate costs… To achieve–and to ensure the sustainability of this, we manage all our processes by using an advanced job tracking system. We support our operations with advanced technologies that ensure speed and convenience and continuously update our technology infrastructure. Based on our innovation-based approach, we develop new technologies and software that meet the requirements of projects.

Scope of Facility Management Services

Designed to ensure that your facility management processes are managed in a quicker and more practical way and with optimum costs; facility management services cover the following processes:

  • Conduct the cleaning, technical, consulting and security works required by facilities in a professional way.
  • Provide quick responses by generating solutions to any possible problems, complaints and requests in the facilities and common living areas.
  • Make budget analysis and manage budgets.
  • Analyze infrastructure & equipment.
  • Conduct operations intended to improve the infrastructure of facilities.
  • Provide landscaping and environmental arrangement services.
  • Execute business and accounting inspection and management.
  • Conduct analysis to increase service quality and coordinate the accurate provision of the necessary services in the sites, mass housing and facilities.
  • Consulting and guidance services.
  • Human resources services.
  • Legal consulting services.

Which Enterprises Can Benefit From Facility Management Services?

Since 2008, we, as SE Club, have been providing facilities operating in a wide range of sectors with customized management services and tailor-made solutions supported by innovative technologies. The following enterprises may benefit from our facility management services:

  • Residences,
  • Mass housing,
  • Factories,
  • Hotels,
  • Schools,
  • Shopping centers,
  • Health institutions.

You can take a look at our videos and references below and contact us at any time for more information about facility management and to learn more about how we can make your facilities more efficient together.

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