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We, as Se Club Gayrimenkul Yonetimi Yazilim Bilisim Sistemleri Pazarlama Danismanlik Ticaret A.S. (“SeClub”), use cookies in certain fields included in the website (“the Website”). This Cookie Policy (“the Policy”) is applicable for this Website managed by SeClub and the cookies shall be used as clarified in the Policy during your visit to the Website.

What is Cookie?

Cookies are small text files which are created in your device by any website and which contain data in name-value format. Cookies allow the website that you visit to retain information in your device and to use such information during your subsequent visits. The cookies that are created by any website are retained by the internet browser that you use in order to access to the website. Remote access to the information that these cookies contain is possible only by the websites presented under the domain name that forms the cookie (e.g. and if you use the same browser.

Cookies have become an important part of the internet technologies in our present day and their basic functions are to remember the preferences of the online visitor and to recognize the device and almost all websites use cookies.

By whom and how are the cookies managed?

Cookies are sent through the communication that is established between the browser installed in your computer (such as Google Chrome, Safari etc.) and the servers of SeClub during your tour.

Types of Cookies

Type of Cookie


Session Cookies

Session cookies are the cookies that are applicable during the use of the Website by you and remain valid until the internet browser is closed.

Persistent Cookies

These cookies are the cookies which are retained in your browser and which remain valid until they are deleted by you or until their expiration date.

First Party Cookies 

These cookies are the cookies which are created by the Website and which can be read only by SeClub. These cookies can be session cookies or persistent cookies.

Third Party Cookies

If any content presented over the Website is provided also over the other domain names apart from the address (for instance, viewing the content that is contained in a video platform over the Website); these cookies are the cookies which each third party domain name create exclusively for itself. The cookies of this type generally consist of the persistent cookies.

For what purpose are the cookies used?

Cookies that must be used: These cookies are the cookies the use of which is mandatory for the Website to function properly and for you to be able to take advantage of the characteristics of the website and the services provided. The personal data is not processed via these cookies.

Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to detect the visits and the traffic sources in order to measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us to achieve the number of visitors of the pages included in our website and to see on which pages our visitors spend time in our website. As all information collected by the relevant cookies is collectively evaluated, it does not include personal information and it is anonymous. It is tried to ensure that our website is made more efficient in a complete manner through these cookies.

Functionality cookies: These cookies are used for the purpose of providing advanced functionality and customization opportunities such as remembering the language or region selection of our visitors on our website. If you do not permit the use of the relevant cookies, it will not be possible to save your customized settings in our website.

Targeting cookies: These cookies are the principal and third party cookies which are created during your visit to our website and the domain names belonging to the third parties. These cookies allow for following up your clicking and visiting history in the domain names where they are created and matching these records between different domain names. The cookies of this type are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling the users, targeting the advertising and marketing activities and customizing the content.

Information regarding the cookies that are used at our Website

The cookies that are used at the Website managed by SeClub are as follows;

Cookie Service Provider

Cookie Name

Cookie Definition

Cookie Type

Cookie Time


Used for session procedures.

Definitely Necessary

2 hours


Management of the Cookies

The browsers generally accept the cookies automatically. In order to be able to use our Website, the use of cookies is not mandatory, but if you set your browser not to accept the cookies, the quality of your user experience may decrease and various functions of our websites may be disrupted.

You can configure your browser so as to prevent the cookies for all websites or specific websites, so as to give alarm when cookie is created, so as to prevent the third party cookies or so as to consider all cookies as session cookie. In addition, you can delete the cookies from your browser or you can view the list and values of the cookies that are retained in your browser. For detailed information about the cookie management functions of your browser, please obtain information from the website of your browser by clicking on the relevant link given below.

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For more detailed information related to the cookies, you can visit the address or https://youronlinechoices.euor you can use "Privacy Badger" application (


SeClub uses the cookies under the Clarification Text and reserves its right to change the conditions for use related to the cookies and to amend the Cookie Policy.


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