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Professional Facility Cleaning Services

Hygiene in facilities is an issue that every enterprise should give great importance irrespective of the sector where it operates and the customer group served. In fact, the routine cleaning services, which are planned correctly and implemented properly, are crucial in terms of both the health and quality of living of the facility users and the brand value of the facility.

Providing tailor-made facility management services to all types of enterprises from schools to housing estates, shopping centers to factories and residences since 2008; we provide you with a wide range of professional facility cleaning services to ensure efficient and long-term hygiene in your facilities. Designed to provide healthy working and living areas for both your employees and facility customers at all times and implemented with sustainable standards thanks to the professional equipment and competent teams; with these professional cleaning services, we aim to make your process of providing optimum hygiene in the facility faster, more practical, efficient and surely in an cost-effective way.

The practices that we offer to your enterprise within the scope of professional facility cleaning services are implemented with cleaning materials which are completely sensitive to the environment and human health and which have the necessary safety certifications. 

For Which Facilities Can Professional Cleaning Services Be Provided?

Professional cleaning services can be provided to any enterprise operating in diverse sectors and intending to offer a more hygienic working environment to their employees and healthier and more spacious and safe living areas to their customers. As SE Club, instead of offering single-type solutions in all our practices, we generate solutions suited to the special needs and fields of activity of different types of enterprises, thus managing the cleaning processes of your enterprise in the most accurate way and with ideal costs.

Private offices, shopping centers, factories, schools, residences, hotels, sites and housing estates and many other facilities can benefit from our facility cleaning services in line with their needs, making their cleaning processes faster, more efficient and cost effective.

What is the Scope of the Services Provided by a Cleaning Company?

The special cleaning services offered by us as SE Club to the facilities of different scales and needs consist of the following components:

  • Special systems that minimize the risk of infection and cross-contaminationThanks to the special systems that use advanced technologies, we minimize the risk of infection and cross-contamination by taking care of the health of both your employees and customers of your facility.
  • Continuous and comprehensive training processes– By providing the necessary training to the personnel, we ensure that they have a high level of awareness about hygiene in the facility.
  • Personnel experienced in cleaning – Professional cleaning personnel ensure that the cleaning processes of your enterprise are always managed smoothly.
  • Specially-designed cleaning plans– The cleaning plans that are specially designed according to the needs of your facility are implemented meticulously.
  • Environmentally-friendly chemicals– We pay special attention to implementing our cleaning processes in an environmentally and human health-friendly way by using specially-selected materials.

If you would like to upgrade your facility hygiene to the optimum level by obtaining services from a cleaning company, you can take a look at our relevant video and references in the field of professional cleaning services below, and if you want to get more information about our services and how we can provide long-term hygiene in your enterprise, you can contact us at any time

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