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In addition to the facility management services that we have been providing to facilities operating in many different sectors ranging from housing estates, factories, health institutions, shopping centers to schools since 2008, we ensure that various processes of enterprises become faster, more practical, cost-effective and productive thanks to our innovative solutions that we implement with the technological means offered by the digital age.

While we develop customized solutions and software with our specialized staff so that our customers can manage their business smoothly, we also introduce new products to both domestic and global software market.


OnZone is an interactive facility application that enables you to manage all the services offered in your facility on a digital platform and to easily follow up your operational processes. The services offered by OnZone, which uses smart building technologies and digital transformations to ensure that your facility is managed more effectively and sustainably, include SOS and Emergency Management, Panel and Survey Applications, Concierge, Online Payment, Environmental Services and more.

For more information about OnZone and its benefits, which will ensure saving on time and make your life easier, you can visit the following link:


Today, chemical substances that can harm human health are used in the majority of the disinfection processes of common areas. Aerogyen, on the other hand, is a new generation smart disinfection system consisting of software-based devices designed to ensure disinfection of indoor areas by using UVC rays, without need for human power and the use of chemicals.

Designed by taking indoor areas that have different sizes and usage patterns/densities such as elevators, toilets, changing rooms, etc. into consideration; Aerogyen devices offer a highly successful solution against bad odors, while they always make the process of keeping common areas clean and healthy at all times for both customers and employees of enterprises in a more practical, productive and cost-effective way.

The Aerogyen Control System, which has international invention patent, has been designed for use with 100% confidence by people through supporting maximum hygiene. You can control and schedule when the disinfection process will be activated, how long it will take and when it will be completed.

For more information about the Arogyen smart cleaning solutions and how they can make your cleaning processes in your facilities easier and more efficient, you can visit the following website:

ACK Control System

ACK Control System is a software system developed to eliminate security gaps that may arise at the emergency exit doors of your buildings and has been programmed to issue warnings in case of necessity.

You can use the ACK Control System to manage all emergency exit doors in your facilities.

The system issues a warning to the relevant personnel with a strong audible warning and visual warning screen when the emergency exit doors that must remain closed are not closed in extraordinary cases. In this way, you can control all the doors in the facility in terms of any security breach, eliminate the risks that may occur in such areas and ensure on-time intervention in the cases that require such intervention.

For more information about the ACK Control System, you can visit the following link:

Emergency Button

Emergency Button is a technology designed to quickly contact the nearest security team in the cases where communication devices are not operating. With this technology, which is extremely useful in case of an emergency, particularly in the areas such as car parks and production facilities where there is no telephone signal and/or there is too much noise, it is possible to provide security in the facilities on 24/7 basis.

If you wish to get more information about the Emergency Button, you can use the following link:

Emergency Cleaning Button

Wireless and contact-free Emergency Cleaning Buttons, which can be integrated into the toilet cabins in facilities, make it possible to quickly call the relevant cleaning teams when there is a need for cleaning the cabins. With these buttons, which are extremely easy to install and use, it is possible to provide maximum hygiene in the toilet cabins of facilities on 24/7 basis.

For more information about the Emergency Cleaning Button, you can visit the following link:

You can take a look at our following videos about our OnZone and Arogyen facility technologies and contact us at any time to learn more about our facility technologies and to discuss what we can do to make your facilities to demonstrate higher performance with optimum costs.


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