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We integrate our facility management activities, which we started in 2008, with the means offered by technology and the digital age.

We offer new products to both domestic and global software markets with our vast sector experience and specialized software staff.

We develop tailor-made solutions and software to enable our customers to manage their business accurately and effectively.




Onzone is an interactive facility management application. It enables you to manage all services offered in your facility through a digital platform and to follow up the operational processes. It saves you time and makes your life easier.

You can benefit from the smart building technologies and digital transformations to ensure a more efficient and sustainable management of your facility.



Today, chemicals are used in the majority of the disinfection processes conducted for common areas. Aerogyen + control panel, together with the G-UV technology, disrupts the gene structures of infectious diseases existing in the air and on surfaces, and ensures a hygienic environment.

The Aerogyen + Control system which has international invention patent has been designed for the use of the G-UV technology by people with 100% confidence, supporting maximum hygiene. By using Aerogyen Plus, you can check and program the time to activate the disinfection process as well as the duration and completion of the process. 

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