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Facility security is a very important issue for all enterprises, irrespective of their fields of activity, primarily in terms of the security, health and well-being of the residents and employees and then in terms of the planned execution of the works and the prevention of possible crises.

With Securon Security operating as part of SE Club and specialized in security; we offer professional private security services to enterprises and facilities operating in diverse sectors, as supported with innovative technologies and designed to fully comply with the Law No. 5188.

Private Security Operations Process

As part of the preparations, we first conduct a comprehensive security examination. As a result of the examination, we identify the potential risks in the area, create a security risk analysis and design the possible emergency scenarios.

We accurately analyze the architectural structure and technical competencies of the project and thus, we ensure that the right quantity and quality of personnel are assigned. We implement all our operations according to this security action and working flow plan that we specifically create for each facility.

For Which Facilities Do We Provide Private Security Services?

Unless optimum security is provided, it is impossible for any facility or enterprise to run smoothly and provide the promised services to customers in full. Securon Security offers world-class, professional and customized security services to a wide range of enterprises and top level institutions, including housing estates, educational institutions, hospitals, factories and shopping centers. These services are provided by specially-trained personnel and with the state-of-the-art solutions.

What is the Scope of Professional Security Services?

Professional security services can be categorized into 3 main topics:

  • Physical Private Security - This term refers to the security services designed in line with the operations and needs of customers and include specially-trained security personnel as well as implementation of top level physical and digital security measures.
  • Security Consulting- This term refers to the consulting services provided within the scope of the existing security procedure and equipment inspection and designed to improve the vulnerable systems and upgrade them to the ideal level.
  • Other Security Solutions- This term refers to the private security solutions customized according to the sector and needs and offered on a project basis.

Why Should You Obtain Services from a Private Security Company?

Recently, it has been observed that some companies, housing estates and factories are trying to execute private security services internally with their own means and equipment.

There are many disadvantages for facilities and companies to manage their security processes internally with their own means and equipment. Any wrong decisions and mistakes to be made in relation with a highly-important subject such as security may cause irreversible crises. To prevent the occurrence of such problems and to ensure optimum security within the enterprise, it is essential for those facilities to procure personnel from a private security company. 

Securon provides your enterprise with the comfort of easily sourcing and employing private security personnel that are very difficult to procure and manage through the standard human resources processes and that must have the relevant certificate attested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this way, you can ensure the protection of your customers, personnel and all your financial assets against all types of negative incidents in the areas served. Also, you, as an employer, do not have to deal with the issues such as preparation of shift schedules and minutes, designing the actions required to be taken in case of emergency, preparation of reports, risk management and risk analysis etc.

If you would like to ensure optimum security for both your employees and facility residents by obtaining private security services, you can visit the Securon website for more information about our private security solutions, watch our relevant video and take a look at our references. For all your questions about facility management including facility security, you can contact us at any time. 


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