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There are many factors required to be considered in both investment and operational processes to achieve the desired results and sales targets from a construction project that is in the planning phase. It is possible to obtain the ideal performance from the construction projects with the optimum cost and to create full investment returns for investors, thanks to the right management decisions and the right steps to be taken while the project is not yet in the construction phase.

As SE Club, we share with you our ideas and experiences related to the efficient and cost-effective operation of housing estates and minimizing the time and construction costs required for operational processes, as part of our management consulting services.

We assess the various design criteria, proposal reports and relevant projects prepared within the framework of management integrity. We offer the technical and strategic support to enable our investors to make right choices and right decisions.

We conduct project-specific technical studies, prepare business plans and make recommendations to minimize the necessary time and construction costs.

We transfer the experience and know-how, which we have gained from the problems experienced in similar national projects both during the investment and operation period, to our new projects, thus helping you manage your investment and management processes smoothly and without any unexpected problems. We make contributions to the achievement of the sales targets of the project and provide support with the arguments such as administrative means, sales pledges and management fees by taking the requests of owners in similar projects into consideration.

What is the Scope of Professional Management Consulting Services? 




Professional management consulting services basically consist of the following phases:

Design Assessment: For optimum personnel workforce and space planning; while the project is yet in the design phase, necessary changes are suggested to the company -from the layout of the garbage rooms on the floors to the number and positioning of the security cabins. The proper preparation of such details by a professional management company ensures efficient solutions for the personnel costs to be incurred in the future - and the implications of these costs on management fees.

Preparation of Management Plan: Management plan is a mandatory regulation for housing estates according to the laws. This regulation ensures that each property owner acts in full compliance with the specific rules determined for the project. In the process of preparation of a management plan, it is crucial that the project is adapted to the factors beyond the standards, and that many unique characteristics of the project are separately assessed. In this process, in addition to the standard provisions, all elements that will contribute to the project are adapted to the project in accordance with the property ownership law.

Preparation of Business Scenarios: To reduce the costs to the optimum level during the operation process, the practices in the field are planned. For example, the opening and closing times of pools, garbage collection times, periods of use of the areas such as sauna and fitness center, etc. If these details are not planned, they will result in higher energy consumption, longer staff working times and as an inevitable result, higher costs.

Preparation of Procedures and Guidelines: This is the process where the guidelines and all other elements to be implemented during the management of the project are prepared.

Creation of Personnel and Management Organization: This is the process where the most suitable organizational processes are designed and implemented in the best interests of the project by taking all project-specific factors and variables into consideration.

Preparation of the Operating Budget: This is a financial plan that indicates the estimated figures based on the projections that have not been realized yet. This plan includes all detailed items from the common area electricity expenses to personnel costs, personnel clothes and the procurement of cleaning materials. This makes it possible to reduce the costs to the ideal level.

If you would like to ensure more productive and cost-effective management processes in your projects by using our professional management consulting services, you can contact us at any time to obtain more information. If you wish, you can watch our following videos.


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