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What is Facility Management?


In the professional sense, the management of various fields is considered as facility management. The inclusion of this concept in life has become especially important with the introduction of corporate offices and shopping centers or areas that can be considered smart buildings into your life. Although these areas may sound like ordinary places that are often encountered in everyday life, they are actually quite important areas for maintaining daily life smoothly and continuously. Because after the process after the construction of a building, a long life stage is maintained in it. Therefore, it is extremely important that the living quarters are qualified. The cleaner and jul-free the living spaces are in this sense, the higher the quality of life increases. Due to this, the management of the facility is handled professionally.

Integrated Facility Management

  • Establishment of managerial organizations,
  • Organization defining tasks in it,
  • Making budgets and management plans on behalf of the enterprise preparation,
  • İmplementation, technical operation, maintenance, repair, renovation and troubleshooting,
  • Periodic monitoring and control of operating fixtures and equipment,
  • Cleaning services granting the establishment and operation of physical or electronic security systems,
  • Security risk analysis and emergency action, civil defense preparation of plans, landscaping and maintenance services or support services are provided under the operation of the office environment and plant arrangements.